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What is Osteoarthritis?


Cartilage – A part of the joints that help move the bone smoothly by cushioning – it is a symptom of OA (OsteoArthritis) that causes disorder or rupture.

When the cartilage or cartilage worsens, the bones rub together. There is hardship and pain because it is difficult for you to use that joints. Osteoarthritis causes ligaments, miniskirts, and damages the muscles. Because of the long-term OA, the need for joint replacement may also arise.

There are two types of OA (OsteoArthritis) – Primary and Sophisticated.

Primary osteoarthritis is usually due to aging and body depletion. As you grow older, you increase the likelihood of a primary type of OA. However, it does not happen to everyone – not too old. The reason for this is that OA is a disease, not a part of the growing age. Conversely.

Secondary osteoarthritis is likely to occur at a young age, it occurs after 10 or more years of specific causes, such as an injury or obesity.

They usually do it in the knees, buttocks, and hands. Other joints can also affect especially in the shoulders. OA rarely affects other joints except for an injury or abnormal physical stress.

Because of the pain and hardness caused by osteoarthritis, you may also experience difficulties with your daily activities, jobs, sports, easy walking. That is why it is important for us to get as much information about this disease as possible. It is also necessary to know how this disease affects you and how you can live with it – it calls which self-management.

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