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What is Joint Replacement Surgery?

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In Joint Replacement Surgery, it fixes the patient’s scratched the bone surface, and it mounts the new surface above it, it makes which is a strong metal.

Along with this, it implants the polyether liner made of friction-resistant within the joint. So that the newly laid joints run for as long as possible. This operation is safe and result oriented. The percentage of its success is a lot higher. Most patients walk on the second day of operation and on a fourth day they get leave from the hospital.

Considering the mental, social and economic conditions of operation of the patient, not only the physical, it definitely succeeds. Someone can say it he is doing a good life in the remaining years of the patient’s life.

Why only “Walk Well Joint Replacement Centre”?

Because the Joint Replacement Surgery in the “Walk well Joint Replacement Centre” is the first to take all the hard work of patient complication. Accurate planning (operation) before the joint replacement surgery helps in faster and better operation.

After a comprehensive study of the patient, changes in medicines, physiotherapy and daily lifestyle – if the patient has the power of these three media, then an operation is preferred.

Creating a surgeon in a knee replacement in the Walk well recommends meeting the person at the follow-up visit, at every stage of treatment – after an initial consultation, after the operation period or after leaving the hospital.

It includes this in the patient’s treatment personal care. It is a very important issue for us that the patient is always in touch with the doctor after his operation.

Apart from this, our collaborative physiotherapists (physicians) are very supportive in bringing you a quick recovery. They’re simple, but very effective suggestions, have been of great help to the quickness, dexterity, and movement of those legs after the operation of the joints. Restoring the patient’s joint life will always be our main goal.

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