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The success of Knee Replacement Surgery

Size and shape

All the success of the knee replacement surgery depends on the proper size of the various parts and their specific arrangement. According to the current system, knees that are suitable for patients with low elevation, slightly lower than those in Asia, are prepared. The reason for this happening is that the whole system of knee operation has been developed keeping Caucasian patients in mind.

More than 50% of Asian population’s femur size is less than 55mm. (Size of the thigh bone)

People from India and some parts of Asia who have a lower level than those in the West, may be at risk when more sized parts are deployed with other available parts. That’s why surgeons should choose to prepare / make knees of shape and size that are suitable for people in Asia.


Three main criteria for choosing knees for Asian people
  • Size and shape (Asian people have a much smaller size than those of Westerners.)
  • More bend (according to their lifestyle, they need to knead more.)
  • Bone protection (Asia’s bones are found weak.)
  • More bend and bone protection

Before the maximum bendable design of the knee was prepared, the traditional knit coat of Arthroplasty was used, by which the knee could barely swell more than 120 ounces.

The people of Asia, especially Indians, need to turn knees more to perform their daily activities.

If the knee is given a maximum turn, it increases the patient’s satisfaction and its knee activation.

Asia’s bone-stock is weak, along with delay in recommendations and osteoporosis, their bones are poor quality. Therefore, due to excessive cutting of bones in these patients, many problems arise later for such patients.

Many treatment options are available for patients suffering from arthritis. Normally, patients of India do not go to the doctor till the disease becomes unbearable, and by the time they go to show the doctor, the disease has become so severe that the only option left is the Total Knee Replacement. In the early stages, this disease can be stopped by balanced diet, medicines, and physiotherapy.

You should control your weight and keep checking your BMI (Body Mass Index) regularly. It is important to control weight in women especially after menopause. Because arthritis can also cause arthritis.

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