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Knee Operation in Ahmedabad – FAQs of TKR

Total Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR)

It also calls knee operation Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), it calls which knee joint. Knee replacement replaces by prosthesis (diseased and painful) knee joints in place of an artificial knee joint. It designs them in such a way you can move and feel stagnant just as you can before and after sitting.

Who needs Knee Replacement?

A person who has osteoarthritis-OA and RA requires making knee replacement operation. In such a case, when the pain becomes intolerable for the patient and it has a serious effect on the patient’s daily activities (ADLs – Activities of Daily Living), then the need for operation raises.

What are the benefits of doing a knee operation?

The primary benefit that comes with knee operation ie, a new synthetic knee is pain relief. In addition, it can improve physical deformity, move easily, and stability in the joints. So we can run better and increase the knee’s interaction. Thus, we can do our daily work again better. Depending on the operation of the knee, how much the knee will be back before an operation, depending on the condition of the bone, the position of the ligament (parallel ligament) and the strength, the knee implant, and the treatment performed after the operation called physiotherapy. If a patient is overweight, his knee may not be enough.

What to do/ not to do after Knee replacement surgery?

Most people can do their daily chores after performing an operation of a knee (joints). Most patients can run with no support (stick), although some older people need a stick (because of their age) to walk. The patient can easily climb up the stairs and can sit on the chair.

However, patients advise not to do certain tasks regularly, through which their unnecessary stress on the knee increases, the knee drops, and it reduces the age of artificial joint. They also recommend it to use a western-style toilet. After recovering from the patient after surgery, he can play sports, cycle, swim in the water, and drive the car. It takes about 2-3 months for the patient to recover completely.

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